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Nail Care

You care about your nails and so do we! Our goal as Pensacola's first non-toxic nail salon is to never compromise the integrity of your nails. When picking out a color, you'll have peace of mind knowing that the polishes you are selecting are 5-7-9 FREE. We offer these amazing polishes in addition to gel polishes and our gel extensions. In order to provide these services to our clients without the harmful chemicals, we offer a gel extension alternative to the harsh chemicals of acrylic that can be toxic to your health. All of the brands that we carry in shop are hand-picked to give you the best experience in living a non-toxic lifestyle. In addition, all of our products are poured in front of our guests to better educate them on the process of taking care of themselves. With no artificial dyes or parabens, we can take care of our guests as well as our employees too!



A choice manicure will start with a refreshing soak in your choice of Rose, Lavender, or Mint. (Seasonal Scents Available.) After you soak, we will begin the process of cuticles care with nail trimming and a buff and file. Once your nail is to the desired state, we begin our signature DESHI massage which includes a hot towel treatment. Finally, we will polish you with the color that you’ve hand selected from our non-toxic polish bar.


Our gel polish is unlike any other you’ve ever experienced at any other salon. Our gel is formulated to be a treatment for your nails by using an oxygenated base with a vitamin infused top coat. This ensures that you maintain healthy nails and can even help repair damaged nails. This manicure is waterless and begins with nail trimming, cuticle work, filing, and buffing. Once polished to perfection, you’ll be fully relaxed with our signature DESHI massage with your choice of Rose, Lavender, or Mint. (Seasonal Scents Available.)


Our gel removal process is the easiest and safest process on the market. Here at DESHI, we use a process which essentially steams the gel off of your nails to loosen the bond. This is much less damaging to the nail then other methods that can damage the integrity of your nails by tearing off layers.

PALAFOX PEDI  starting at $45

Our 30-minute pedicure is an essential maintenance pedicure. Did you know that most people are deficient in magnesium? This means that you could be too. Our pedicure begins with a magnesium soak with your choice of Rose, Lavender, or Mint. (Seasonal Scents Available.) We then do the nail trimming, cuticle work, a file to shape, and a buff to smooth the nail. You’ll then relax with our handmade scrub to exfoliate the legs and feet that is followed up with a callus treatment that will make you feel brand new. Lastly, you’ll enjoy a signature DESHI massage with hot stones before we start your perfect polish!  (For a longer lasting pedicure, you can add gel for $20.00!)

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Here at DESHI, we believe in putting your best face forward. As the seasons change in both the weather and our personal lives, so does our skin. To combat this and make sure that your results are quality, we customize our treatments to each and every one of our guests. 

Our signature double cleanse will help in clearing the pores when matched with our microdermabrasion treatment. This process is always followed by a custom clay mask that includes a pure hyaluronic acid, a lactic acid, and a beautiful blend of vitamins to keep the skin nice and healthy! 

We recommend doing these treatments once a month to create the best results!  One of the great features of our method is that it leaves your skin without the breakouts because your skin won't need to purge. This power packed session will leave your skin feeling exfoliated, supple, and refreshed to help you conquer anything in your way!




Here at DESHI, we believe in a non-toxic beauty bag. Our skin absorbs so much of what we put on it and when receiving any of our services, we strive to make sure that the products we use are ones we believe in. We carry makeup brands that follow these standards to ensure that you look and feel the green-beauty that we strive to provide!

Our makeup services range from classic to full out glam and include a set of strip lashes applied with formaldehyde free glue to top off all of our looks! 





30-minute $60



50-minute $90
* includes eyebrow shape





starting at $45



starting at $95



starting at $150

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