In most traditional nail salons the products are bought in bulk and made with toxic ingredients such as color dyes, parabens, sulfates which all act like a filler in the product. It basically makes more product without have "real ingredients" then preservatives to make it last a long time. These types of products used in most nail salons have known to cause hormonal issues, infertility, arthritis and cancer. For our "nail" portion of our products we choose to be 5-7-9 FREE.

nail care

We offer a "Bridge" between the traditional nail salon and the "all natural" nail salon. We know there are business woman that still want gel polish, dip nails & fashion nails that include extensions but what makes us different? We offer the LEAST amount of toxins in those services. Our gel polish lines are 8 & 10 FREE of toxins, our dip system is a NON acrylic base and is the big 5 FREE! Our high fashion nail extensions are done with no glue and we use our 5 FREE dip system to apply. Needless to say, we are the first of its kind.

skin care

We have worked on our skin care line for over a year, developing the first "medical grade" skincare line without the harsh toxins. You can still get the medical results without the toxins in them. Our facials are customizable, we don't believe in picking from a service menu for your skin since everyone's skin is different and our skin changes during different seasons and different times of the month.  All of our facials include Microdermabrasion, a detoxifying clay mask and a pure hydration serum infused in your skin for skin rejuvenation and cellular turnover for a youthful glow


DESHI promises to create a customized, simple beauty experience
that celebrates and promotes inner beauty by enhancing outer beauty.